AndrewAlpertTao Chen
Tao received her Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from University of Florida in 2013. Her doctoral study under professor Weihong Tan explored the applications of aptamer-conjugated nanomaterials in cancer diagnostics and therapy. She then joined Small Molecule Pharmaceutical Sciences in Genentech, Inc. in 2014, where she has contributed to various projects ranging from antibody-drug conjugates to peptides and traditional small molecule drugs, with research interests in developing novel analytical and chromatographic techniques for characterization of new drug modalities.

Tao is the recipient of CACA Young Investigator Award in 2018 and just joined CACA as an Executive Committee Member in Apr. So far, she has published 46 first author or co-author papers, written 4 book chapters, and filed 1 patent. In her spare time, she enjoyed traveling and reading.