Dr. Baomin Xin, Senior VP of DMPK & Bioanalytical Services department at Pharmalegacy, obtained his PhD under Professor Milton L Lee at Brigham Young University (BYU). During his PhD research, he was one of the chief designers who design and built an orthogonal extraction time-of-flight mass spectrometer. He designed, and made the mechanical drawings of, the inlet assembly, including the main flange, RF-only quadrupole focusing lens set, inter-quad lens, DC/RF quads set, and exit slit. Outstanding

sensitivity and ion transmission efficiency were achieved on this TOFMS instrument, resulting in the development of a commercial product (Jaguar® TOFMS), which was later on transferred to LECO. He also designed a whole computer-controlled capillary electrochromatography system, including design and mechanical drawings, electronic control circuit, and programming of a control software on the Windows platform that controls the whole unit. He also helped build an Ultra-high pressure LC (UHPLC) system that, combined with home-packed µLC columns, achieved superb efficiency and speed.

Dr. Xin has worked in DuPont Pharmaceuticals Company (DPC)/Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) for more than 16 years. He established the Bioanalytical Research group in the Hopewell site in 2004, and led his bioanalytical team to support discovery programs in the cardiovascular, metabolic, immunology, immune-oncology, and fibrosis areas. His team has helped discover numerous clinical drug candidates, with several of them eventually becoming commercial drugs, including the latest billion dollar drug, Eliquis (Apixaban). During his career at BMS, he has developed a comprehensive automation solution for bioanalytical workflow linked with internal IT infrastructure, and has since been widely used in all three discover sites for more than a decade. Dr. Baomin Xin has also worked at WuXi AppTec in China, leading the Bioanalytical Services Department (LC-MS) to provide regulated (GLP/GCP) bioanalytical support to new drug development projects from pharmaceutical companies worldwide, as well as BE projects for the generic drug sector. Dr. Xin has also worked at Medicilon. Estabolished DMPK department for Medicilon and managed the regulated BA groups (LC-MS & LBA).