Yan BoYangYan-Bo Yang, Ph.D., President&CEO, BioPharmaDev, Inc.

Dr. Yan-Bo Yang has 30 years strong experiences in chemical analyses and purification of both small pharmaceutical compounds and large biologics; generic drug product developments; cGMP, regulations and compliances; and project management. Dr. Yang is an expert in chromatography theory, chromatography column technology and

chromatography application development, analytical method development and validations, raw material qualification, and extractables/leachable studies. Dr. Yang founded BioPharmaDev, Inc. in 2012 providing analytical and drug product development services under highly regulated cGMP environments for pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and dietary supplement companies. Before starting BioPharmaDev, Inc. Dr. Yang was Director of Pharmaceutical Development at B. Braun Medical, Inc. and, over 13 years, was responsible for all aspects of pharmaceutical developments from initial conception of product ideas to product launches. Prior to B. Braun, Dr. Yang was Director of Research at The Separations Group, Inc (Vydac), responsible for developing new HPLC packing materials/columns and studying separation mechanisms using different chromatography methodologies. Dr. Yang graduated from Beijing Institute of Technology in China under the guidance of Prof. Fu Ruonong, obtained his Ph.D degree in Chemistry at the State University of Ghent in Belgium with Prof. M. Verzele and Prof. Pat Sandra, and conducted a PostDoc research in Biochemistry at Purdue University in USA with Professor Fred Regnier. Dr. Yang is President of Sino-American Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Professionals Association (SABPA) OC/LA, President of AOAC International, Southern California Section and the founding President of Chinese American Chromatography Association (CACA).